Items that Require Climate Control Storage

If you like to free up some space in your home, storing all the items in a storage unit can be excellent. You will find it of great help if you are moving or any of the belongings need to be secured. Although the majority of items can be stored in conventional storage, many of these can be sensitive to temperature changes and can get damaged if not kept in the right manner. Therefore, a climate control storage unit is what you need for these types of items.

What is Climate Control Storage?

This is a special type of storage unit where the temperature is maintained at around 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to conventional storage located outdoors, a climate-controlled storage unit is normally kept indoors.

Any items with great value or sensitivity to environmental conditions can be placed in a climate control storage unit. With stable temperature, the things get better protection against any damage, and this becomes more important if any of the items need to be stored for a long term.

What Items Need Climate Control Storage?

  • Any Household Appliances

There are certain electronic parts of the household items that can be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. These conditions can cause different parts to crack and rust, which can lead to permanent damage. Humidity is also a big factor that allows mold and mildew to grow inside the inner workings.

  • Wooden Furniture

Wood has the tendency to crack, warp, or rot when it is exposed to moisture. Different items like bed frames, tables and chairs, décor, and more can be sensitive. Therefore, if you don’t have a plan to take them out for a long time, then you need to put them inside a climate-controlled unit.

  • Musical Instruments

There is no doubt that high-quality musical instruments are a huge investment. You need to store these items in climate-controlled conditions because they need a specific humidity level. If the humidity level is less than that, then different parts can crack and shrink. Too much temperature can cause them to expand, and this can make these instruments worthless. Be sure to get renters insurance for expensive guitars and basses.

  • Photographs

When you store photos, climate control can play a big part. Stacks of photos can deteriorate with heat and then fuse together, and this can cause the images to fade. The images can remain safe in a climate control storage unit, but it is a better idea to use albums. In addition to that, the photos should always be placed away from each other to preserve irreplaceable memories.

  • Clothing

It can be quite expensive to buy season-specific clothing, and it is better to keep them under climate control conditions. In addition to that, it can also be a superb choice for the heirloom pieces like wedding gowns. Before placing them in storage, it is always good to thoroughly clean and dries out everything.

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There are a number of items that can greatly benefit from climate control storage units. If you want to determine whether any of your belongings need temperature control or not, you need to discuss with the facility operator like AAAA Safe Storage. Ultimately, the idea is to keep the items safe and in perfect shape. Therefore, it all depends on your plan to store the items, and your gal can be achieved through both conventional and climate control storage units.