Think Twice About Storing These Things

You need to think twice before stashing another box in the garage because fluctuating temperatures, extreme heat, and humidity in a garage can wreak havoc on the items. Many of your precious possessions can be damaged when stored in a garage. It is worth mentioning that many of these items can even pose a risk to your family or home. If you don’t have enough storage space in the house, you can always take certain belongings to a storage unit, but there are certain items that should never be kept in a garage.

Items that You Should Never Store in a Garage

  • Propane Tanks

Cooking with your friends and family can be a ubiquitous pastime, and for a good barbeque, you may need propane. Although the barbeque items can be stored in a garage, it is best to leave the propane outside. There are times when the valve is not properly closed, which can cause a leak. As propane gas leakage can be deadly, it is better to leave it outside in a secure and enclosed space.

  • Paper Products

These days, there are a number of people who have started to adopt a green lifestyle or recycling. If not done in a proper manner, recycling can surely cause an expensive headache in the form of pest control. So, whenever you plan to store any of the paper products, you have to make sure that the items are placed in space other than a garage.

  • Clothing and Bedding

When summer arrives, your bulky coats and linen need to be placed to rest. There are numerous common city animals like skunks and raccoons looking for a soft clean nest. If these animals become comfortable, they can also bring along the families. Instead of putting it in a garage, your bedding and clothing should be placed in other storage areas inside the home. The best way is to seal them in plastic containers or old suitcases.

  • Fresh Food

The majority of homes have wild bird seeds or pet food, and storing such items in a garage is taboo. When you stockpile any food in a garage, it can surely become a nightmare for you. Therefore, a suitable option for you is to seal these items and then store them inside the pantry.

  • Temperature-sensitive Items

Certain temperature-sensitive items should never be stored in a garage because exposure to heat can damage their composition. Things like refurnishing solvents, paint, and stain in the garage storage will definitely spoil. Therefore, as some paints separate, you can be left with an unusable mess. You also have to bear in mind that the cement garage floor can rust through in a quick manner.

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Final Words

When you decide where to store any items, you need to keep in mind that the items inside a garage can have temperature fluctuations as well as humidity. There are a number of self-storage units like AAAA Safe Storage that offer climate-controlled environments that are specially designed to keep the goods in good condition. Therefore, you can store all the items in a proper manner and make them ready to be used in the future.